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Holding seats and Hold Conversions are used when preparing to put a Reserved Seating product on sale, but not wanting to have all seats to be available to the public. Holding seats helps you take care of Sponsors, Board Members (or other special groups), address the Artist Holds as specified in the Rider, prepare for any emergency situations on event night, or even roll out your seats in timed increments with the ability to adjust prices if needed.  You will be able to access Holds to release, convert, or set holds at any point through Spark, but the seating Product MUST be on sale in the Box Office Channel.

With the Season ticket capabilities, you can manage your Holds for all of the sub products in one step. It is a good idea to modify the Season Ticket Product first to ensure the availability of all of the sub products for seats you are holding or converting (all sub products will work independently as well).

Assign Hold Types

Step 1 – Assign the Hold Types you plan to use for the product.  It is a good idea to establish some consistency in your Hold types for colors and naming since this is a Site level action.  There is no limit on how many holds you can have and you  can create hold types that are specific for just one product. However, that hold type will be displayed in all of your products, so keeping the descriptions generic is a good idea.

To access, edit and assign the Hold Type:   Commerce > SaffireTix > Hold Types

Placing Holds

In Spark, hover over Settings > Commerce > Products

Once you’ve found the product you want to hold seats for, hover over and select Manage Seats.

Step 2 - Make sure you are on the Place on Hold and Select your seats – Tip: To select multiple seats hold down the shift key and drag across the map to select many seats at once.  When you click to select the highlighted seats they will be displayed in Seat Selections – verify that the seats listed are what you want to change  

If the seats don’t display to the right – double check that the product is on sale in Box Office

Click on the box above Apply to select the hold type you want to place for the selected seats.

On the Season Ticket Product, the Sub products availability/hold type is accessible by highlighting the seat and then clicking on the seat symbol or hold color.

To see the status of a seat for all of the sub products, click the symbol.

Converting Holds

To access the Holds or once you’ve held your seat, click on “Convert from hold”.

Pick the seat you would like to convert to a sale/comp/invoice.

Collect and enter as much information on the transaction as possible to provide more data on all of your transactions for future access and then process and print as usual.

Note: If you have multiple price types, you can access the Select for All and change all of the price types in the transaction.  If there is only one type available in Box Office, it will default to that type.

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