My Event Page isn't showing up

So you just built a beautiful event page... but now you can't find it anywhere? Like most treasure hunts, events are usually hidden in plain sight.
  • Check the Events Dashboard 
    • Search for the Event if it is grey it is inactive if it is blue it is active (It is possible the Event has been deactivated, you can filter the view at the top to Inactive)
    • Hover over the Event (grey) and Activate it.
    • If it is neither Active or Inactive go to your Site Map and double check that the event wasn't accidentally created as a dynamic or business page.

  • Once you have ensured that the event page is Active check the Quick Edit settings of your event.
    • Highlighted below make sure the box next to Unlisted is not checked. (If it was checked, it wasn't listed, and therefore not visible on your live site!)
    • Determine that the event is set to occur in the current or forthcoming year and not in the past. You can find more on setting your Year here. (If you made a copy of your events from a previous year this detail may have been forgotten!)
    • Ensure the proper Category, Sub-Category, and Location have been assigned. (if the Category & Sub-Category that have been assigned is (INACTIVE) it needs to be activated). Read more about Categories here & Locations here.

  • If your Event is still not showing up on your site go back to the Events Dashboard and click Edit and then go to SETTINGS button on the tools menu

  • In the SETTINGS (double check that the YEAR is correct and that the box next to UNLISTED is not checked.)
    • The box next to Member Site should not be checked (only enabled sites have this feature).
    • Determine that the Friendly URL doesn't contain unsafe URL characters which include the blank/empty space and " < > # % { } | \ ^ ~ [ ] ` 

  • While you are in Settings, go ahead and click SCHEDULE IT - make sure the date and especially the HH (hours) and MM (minutes) aren't accidentally set for some day in the past or future that may be getting in the way of this Event being visible on your site.

At this point refresh your event schedule.

If you are still experiencing issues read this article about how to get support.

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