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This dynamic page is specifically designed as a "one stop shop" for displaying all your ticketing products currently on sale. It's built with the same standard Sections and Modules, yet it also contains a few automated modules which pull in products listed for sale on other pages. Tickets & Deals is typically linked from your Buy Tickets button in the top-right corner of your homepage or ticket portal.

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Commerce > Tickets & Deals (or whatever your Tickets page may be named)

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A Text/Gallery module is present but is not required. You can use this module to provide visitors with information that may pertain to your events, such as FAQs, weather & refund policies, height & age restrictions, etc. If tickets are not yet on sale, you can also use this module to promote your on-sale date.

An Items module is also present, and this will be used to display Commerce, Ticketing, Reserved Seating, BlastPass, Packages, and/or External products.

Ticket Portal

If Saffire is your ticketing provider but you do not have a Saffire website, you'll have the previously mentioned modules as well as a Text/Gallery Module which is customized with a "Locate Your Order" button. 

Full Website + Ticketing

If you have a Saffire website, your Tickets page will have all of the previously mentioned modules in addition to three auto-feeding Item Sales modules. These modules pull products that are actively listed For Sale on other types of pages throughout your site:

  • Event Item Sales - this controls display of products which originate on event pages.
  • Page Item Sales - this controls display of products which originate on dynamic pages .
  • Business Item Sales - this controls display of products which originate on business pages.

Auto-feeding Modules

When you open any of these modules (they all function similarly) you'll see radio buttons and checkboxes which allow you to choose the products seen by the customer on the Tickets & Deals page. Your choices are:

  • All Items On
  • All Items Off
  • Custom select items
    use this to select individual products by checking the appropriate boxes

Event Item Sales are automatically displayed in order of the event date they are tied to. 

Page and Business Item Sales can be sorted by clicking on this icon, ✥, and dragging the product into the order you want. 

If you prefer to completely customize your page and not utilize the auto-fed products from other pages, you can simply hover over each of the Sales modules, click the "..." power dots, and select Hide and go from there! 


If you have numerous products to display, you might want to categorize them and add a sub-menu of buttons at the top of the page. These would allow users to jump to specific types of products lower on the same page. This can be done with some HTML added to a text/gallery module. If you're interested in adding a button row, reach out to for assistance.

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