Saffire 5.0

November 21, 2019

Fall has been extremely productive at Saffire and we’re ready to make a big software update: Saffire Version 5.0! For so many of us, it is a season of thanks, and we’re so thankful for our incredible development team for their efforts in adding season ticketing capabilities to our reserved seating functionality, a facelift & feature upgrade to our box office interface, updates to the page editor’s image modules, and a real crowd-pleaser, the exciting new page editor copy functionality!  Let’s take a closer look…


The season ticket is the newest type of SaffireTix product allowing you to sell multiple reserved seats as a single season ticket. As long as the products are using the same seat map, you can bundle them together, customize the pricing and sell the same seat to each event - all at once! This makes it easy for you and your box office to create season ticket packages and comp orders. Your customers will love the discounted pricing and consistent ticket to each event you sell! 

Season ticketing includes a few updates to the price type editor on reserved and general admission product building, improvements to the hold and convert tool and significant enhancements to the web box office interface! You get all of that PLUS a handy new view of your product details on the products dashboard.

Explore box office updates >

We’ve added a FULL SCREEN mode for selecting seats and added address fields that can be filled if the product requires them! 

New product details pane on the products dashboard >

See an overview of pertinent product details without having to load each product page!


Were you at Saffire Summit in October?! You should have heard the cheers when we debuted these enhancements and updates as a sneak peek at the conference! Now they are ready for primetime and you can easily choose from several image display styles AND...

  • Add a hero image to any page, intuitively with fewer clicks
  • Select from image sizes when building an image list or grid
  • Create a slideshow with auto-rotating images on a dynamic page
  • Choose specific aspect ratios for images
  • Customize the display effects like borders, shadows, and cropping

Check out the completely overhauled image module >  

And our aspect ratio knowledge base article >


Here it is! The number one request from client surveys…

Now you can COPY an entire page section or individual module within the same page or even to a completely different page!

Do you have a single module you want to repeat on multiple pages of your site? Easy. Maybe you have an entire section of content that took lots of work, and you want to move it to a different page. With the new copy function, it’s easier than ever to duplicate or move modules or sections as needed! 

Learn about the copy functionality here >

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