Holding seats and Hold Conversions are used when preparing to put a Reserved Seating product on sale to the public, but you don’t want all of the seats to be available. This is best when you are holding for Board Members, Sponsors, Artist Holds (when working with a performer), or even if you want rollout your seats in timed increments. You will be able to release holds at any point if you have access to spark.

When in Spark hover over Settings > SaffireCommerce > Products

Once you’ve found the product you want to hold seats for, hover over and select Hold Seats

After you've selected Hold Seats, you will be taken to a preview of the map with different Hold Types on the top.

  • Select the Hold Type that you are planning to use
    To edit or add new Hold Types, go to Settings > SaffireTix > Hold Types

  • Once the Hold Type is selected, you can go into the map and select seats that you want to place on that hold.

Hint: If you are having some trouble seeing which seats can be selected, you can change the "Color by: Hold Type" to "Color by: Category"

Convert from Hold

  • Once you’ve held your seat, click on “Convert from hold”

  • Pick the seat you would like to convert to a sale/comp/invoice.

Note: If you have multiple price types, you will have to select the price type for EACH seat. If there is only one price type available in Box Office, it will default to that type.

SAVE – Hold Conversion

Complete the Details and choose if you would like to Email Tickets or Print Tickets

Printer Install Documents

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