Email - IMAP setup in Outlook

At this point, you should have already determined that your email is set up as an IMAP account in Outlook.  

If not, please go to this page to determine which protocol you are using.

To change the settings within your IMAP account so that it connects to the new server, follow these steps:

From the Account Settings screen, select your account name (1) and then click Repair (2):

Click Advanced Options and check the box for 'Let me repair my account manually' - then click Repair

On the IMAP account settings screen... 

  • add your full email address in the User name box
  • add your password (use the new one, if you were notified it had changed)
  • check Remember password
  • change the server to
  • change the Port to 993
  • set the Encryption method as SSL/TLS
  • DO NOT check Require logon

  • click Outgoing mail
  • change the server to
  • change the Port to 465
  • change the Encryption method to SSL/TLS
  • check the box for "My outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication"
  • make sure the button is clicked for "use same settings as my incoming server"
  • click Repair

You should get a message showing the account is successfully repaired, or that a test message has been sent successfully.

  • click Done
  • click Close

You should soon see new email arriving in your inbox from the new server. Depending on the quantity of messages you have on the server, retrieving your email may take a few minutes or several hours.

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