Email - updating the settings in Outlook

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You'll need to make some changes to your Outlook settings to connect to the new email server. The first step is determining your current Outlook setup. Note: the following images are from Outlook 2016, so some screens may appear differently on your computer.

Click File in the main navigation

Click the Account Settings icon, then the Account Settings option in the dropdown menu. Depending on your version of Outlook, Account Settings may need to be accessed from a different menu other than File. 

This screen will show you the type of email protocol you're using right now: POP or IMAP.

If it's POP, this is what you'll see:

If it's IMAP, this is what you'll see:

Now that you know which protocol you currently have, please choose the appropriate link below:

Click here if your account is configured as POP

Click here if your account is configured as IMAP

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