Integration with ShoWorks

Do you use ShoWorks to manage the entries and results of your event? If so, AWESOME, we've got an integration for you!
If you don't, you can check out their offering here:


To get your competitors and exhibitors to register online through ShoWorks, we recommend you add a link in the dropdown of one of your navigations. Find out how to add a link to the navigation here. You should also consider featuring your ShoWorks registration link in a homepage feature.


As the results from your event begin to be recorded in your ShoWorks account you'll have the option to Publish these results to your Saffire website. Watch the video below to see how to do this. The key is to have an event page that you want to add your results to.

Then, once events have been posted to your individual event pages, ALL results can be fed to a catch all results page! 

Take a look and let your coach know if you have any questions! 

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