+ Add a new link

There are a number of reasons why you might provide a link within the navigation of your website:

  • Allow users to get to a page that "lives" under a different navigation section
  • Link to another website from your drop downs
  • Link to a form/event page within your website directly from your navigation

Spark location: Site Map  or Site Map drop down 




When you click either the button or the drop down for + ADD A NEW LINK a new window will pop up:
  1. Link Text is how this link will read in your navigation on the customer site. Choose something short and to the point.
  2. URL we always recommend pasting in the URL so you ensure no errors

  3. Unlisted check this box if you're not ready for this link to be public, otherwise, leave it unchecked.
  4. Open in new window we recommend that you check this box if you're linking to a website or page that is not within your website. If you're simply linking to another page within your own website, you can uncheck this box.
  5. SAVE when you're ready!
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