Site Settings - Friendly URLs

Use Friendly URLs to create a shorter address for any page on your site. These are simply 'pointers' the server uses to find the actual URL. Shorter is better when it comes to digital marketing - especially for social media where the number of characters may be limited. Friendly URLs are also great for pointing visitors to a specific page when advertising on posters, flyers, radio ads, TV ads, and press releases.

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Tools > Site Settings > Friendly URLs

  • Use the Search box if you already have a long list of URLs and need to find one to edit or deactivate
  • Hover over the pencil to Edit or Deactivate an URL

Add New Friendly URL

URL ending - add a backslash [ / ] and the text of your choice to identify the page. It doesn't need the full URL - just the 'friendly' part. Example: /text-here

Original URL - this is the URL you want the friendly URL to link to. This one does need to be the full URL. Example:

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