Site Settings - Redirects

Use Redirects to send the server to a different page, including changing the URL in the browser. This is used for redirecting pages from an old site to similar pages - yet with different URLs - on a new site, or for reorganizing your navigation without needing to rebuild it.

Spark location: 

Tools > Site Settings > Redirects

  • Use the Search box if you already have a long list of URLs and need to find one to edit or deactivate
  • Hover over the pencil to Edit or Deactivate a URL

Add New Redirect

URL ending - Add the text of the URL which follows the first single slash [/]. It doesn't need the full URL. Example: if the full URL is, just add /p/427

Destination URL - This is the URL you want to redirect your page to. This one does need to be the full URL. Example:

Unless this is intended as a short-term 'fix', always click the box for 'Is Permanent'
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