Using the WYSIWYG

You're probably familiar with other "What You See Is What You Get" text editors like this in software such as Microsoft Word. Our WYSIWYG (pronounced 'wizzy-wig') has a streamlined toolbar which allows you to add text and HTML code to various modules throughout Spark.

Spark Location: Any Page, Event, Business listing, or Form which has a WYSIWYG tool bar.

Here are the different options/tools in the WYSIWYG.

q--duYaTIjTsf4L2VO_gjshVROLh4sqxPg.jpeg Undo / Redo buttons

PZeWV9AKLFitPvDQleQxq9Q8D-my8HYxww.jpegHTML button - this is commonly used for including embed codes from other sites, such as Google Maps or Google Calendar. Clicking the button changes the text screen to black, which is where you can paste in your HTML.

OZ2y0ZNrlliI2zaAgVpWZVZbP9Zk8gR4HA.jpeg Text styling buttons - formatting, bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough. Learn more about the formatting tool (backwards P).

nV5W9uPl2L3U0FKh785WAUYkspq_xau8eQ.jpeg List buttons - bullets or numbers

qv4xOb0k1UgaENS2lkz___EZqeytCs-8Hw.jpegOutdent / Indent buttons

TSCmweobYvpFMYAl7GMPgdNg7YMeaNr7Xg.jpegTable button - insert a table and add/delete rows & columns

V4ogoFhpiov7EBju_YcfvdfetBYn0Zf_vg.jpeg Link button - add a link or edit a link

KxwckTCn4AVyFsohRf1nbZrKRA-4PrnH6Q.jpeg Alignment button - left, center, right or fully justified

9H8n4lXWuFuhqLeu7dQbrcBTshF2t2ALHQ.jpeg Rule button - adds a full-width rule line as a content separator

XoOe2h_QR5mijs84sxf3hpVhTblNgaC3Rg.jpegFont styling - size, color, background color

uR-EZ1t4bXcjOvS9aafQaGWF3v4Ri4N4bw.jpeg Paste buttons - to avoid issues caused by Word, we recommend using the Plain option and then formatting the text with the WYSIWYG
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