First, power on the hip printer by holding the "MODE" button for two seconds. You should know see a screen that looks like this:

Next, go to the settings page in the SaffireTix™ iOS app by pressing the gear icon.

Press "SELECT PRINTER." You should see the following page with at least one printer available:

Select the printer you wish to pair to your mobile device. If there are multiple hip printers near you and multiple on the selection menu, you can identify each printer by comparing the numbers that appear on the app with the serial number on the back of each printer. Once your printer is selected, you will be taken back to the settings menu. The name of the printer your device is currently paired to should appear instead of previously "SELECT PRINTER" button like the image below:

Your printer is now paired! Your printer will automatically print out tickets after each transaction. If a re-print is needed, you can do so by pressing the new "PRINT" button that will now appear at the bottom of transaction "SUCCESS" screen.