The SaffireTix Hip Printers work best with default settings. If you encounter any issues with the printer, we recommend you perform a factory reset.

This should only take a few minutes! 

Start by having the printer on and at the default screen. It should look like this:

Next, hold down both the "MODE" and "FEED" buttons for about five second. The printer should quickly beep twice and show the following menu screen.

Press "MODE" once to highlight "2 System Setting" and press "Feed." This will take you to a password screen. TIP: If you accidentally enter a different screen, you can always go back by holding "MODE" for two seconds.

The password should be set to "0000" by default. If so, hold "FEED" for two seconds to continue. If you need to type in a different password for any reason (or need to reset it to "0000"), press "FEED" to cycle between each digit and press "MODE" to cycle the number of each digit. Once you are set, hold "FEED" for two seconds.

At the System Settings Menu, press "MODE" seven times to highlight "8 Factory Reset." Then press "FEED."

On the confirmation screen, press "MODE" to change the "0" to "1." Then hold "FEED" for two seconds. A screen should quickly flash that says "Reset.." followed by the printer shutting down.

Once the printer has shut down, wait a few seconds before holding "MODE" to power it back on.

Your printer should now be at the first screen, ready to print!

You have need to re-pair the printer with your mobile device. The pairing guide can be found here!