If your website’s design employs a homepage main feature that stretches a photo edge-to-edge on a monitor, it needs to be filled with incredibly “flexible” images in order to function properly. Since each image must accommodate an infinite array of monitor displays, it’s nearly impossible to ensure the image scales proportionately in every viewing instance. However, your homepage main feature cropping tool is set individually, to account for the proportional dimensions of your unique homepage layout.

When creating images for your homepage main feature, we recommend you focus the most important parts of your imagery near the central 2/3 of the frame, and well clear of all edges. This helps accommodate any text overlays or unique design elements of your homepage, and improves legibility and scalability for all display sizes.

Something else to consider, is that if your layout includes overlaying text or buttons on top of your Main Feature, please be aware of this and preview any uploaded images on your live homepage and within context of the overall layout. Due to the fluid/responsive nature of the feature, at certain monitor or viewing sizes you may notice the image "disappearing" behind other page elements as the image stretches and re-positions.

By using the crop tool on images you’ve loaded into your main feature, you can help account for the best possible outcome for the most viewing sizes. It’s important to keep this stretching in mind, and focus the most important parts of your imagery near the center, and well clear of all edges.