FINAL STEP for creating/editing a general admission (GA) ticket product in SaffireTix™

This feature is not activated on all sites. 

Spark location: Sales > Products > Add Product 

Spark location: Events > Add a New Event > Items > Add Item > Add Product

Other steps:  General tabSales tab |  Inventory & Codes tab | Redemption tabTicket Face tab

The Ticket Face tab allows you to customize what shows on customers' Online & Printed tickets. 

For Online, you will first choose your template (unless you have created a custom template, select "Use Default"). 

You can manage the Full Page Template below in the Full Page Template Options at the bottom of the screen.

As you're adding images, text, and sponsors, you will see that the Preview updates automatically.

The other ticket type that can be customized is Box Office. From here, you can update the Template Type and Ticket Note.