SaffireTix™ Box Office enables you to sell from your computer for in-person purchases and on-demand ticket printing. You're able to take Credit Card or Cash payments.

To access your Box Office, go to (use your Spark login - If you are unable to login, make sure your settings under Spark > Users are set to have SaffireTix Device access under the Access tab).

In the top left hand corner of the page, select your Sales Location (these are set up in Spark under Settings > SaffireTix™ > Locations) .

To make a purchase, select the + icon on the quantity of tickets your customer is wanting to purchase or "Select Seats" for Reserved Products. 

For Reserved Products, you can either choose Best Available or Pick Your Seats from the map. When selecting Pick Your Seats, use your cursor to choose the seats on the map. Click on the map to zoom in. When selecting seats, you'll see your seats populate below the map where you can select the Type (if more than one price) and add your tickets the the cart.

The order will show to the right of the screen, where you can check out your customer either via Credit Card or Cash. If you do not have a credit card reader setup or it will not read, use the Manual Entry button. You can also input an email address so they can receive their receipt via email. The email address will be stored in Spark under Settings > SaffireCommerce > Purchases Report if you want to reprint a receipt, ticket, or cancel the transaction.

Once a Transaction has been made, you will receive a confirmation pop up where you can print a receipt, ticket, or make a new transaction.

Print Tickets will pull up a preview of the ticket where you can check your Page settings and print the ticket to the appropriate printer.

In the top right corner of the page, there are several options to choose from in the Menu.

The Settings button allows you to choose which ticket template you're printing once a purchase has been made and to automatically print tickets after each transaction.

Make sure that the correct Printer Template has been chosen before completing a transaction and printing tickets.

The back arrow shows all your Order History over the last 24 hours. You're able to cancel orders from this page as well.

You can search for order numbers or transactions that have been processed while you're logged into Box Office. From here, you can either print the tickets again, print a receipt, or cancel the transaction.

The last button allows you to Sign Out of Box Office.