Tips & Tricks

  • If the SaffireTix App becomes frozen, double tap on the home button, swipe up on the SaffireTix App screen, then open the SaffireTix App icon and login again to continue scanning or selling.
  • To ensure the device battery life lasts as long as possible, turn the sound and brightness on the device down. Tap the home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and slide the dial to the left on the brightness. Click the bottom on the left side of the device to turn the volume down.
  • if the camera cannot read the QR code, you may also manually enter the letters listed underneath the code in the white bar above the camera that is labeled "Enter Code Manually".
  • When you move a device to a new location, ensure you've updated the Wifi network it is connected to.
  • If the card reader stays stuck on the following message "Connecting to Card Reader", try unplugging the card reader for 5 sections and plugging it back in. Also, make sure that your microphone is set to be on in your Apple device's settings