The Image module is an alternative to the text/gallery module, allowing you create image lists or image grids, and include titles, captions & links for each image. 

Add the Image module to your page.

  • Enter a heading, if you like. This is not required. 
  • Select either List or Grid.
  • Click 'Show options':
    • check the box if you want to Auto Format Images, which will display each image as a square. If this is not checked, your images will maintain their aspect ratio, so some may appear very horizontal and some may appear very vertical. We recommend experimenting with this to see what works best for your page.
    • check the box to Allow Images to Enlarge & Scroll, which is usually the best option. Again, do some experimenting to see what you prefer.  
  • Select the Alignment appropriate for your page. You can always modify this later.

Then, click ADD IMAGE.

Click ADD FILES... to select the image(s) from your computer.

Click START UPLOAD and all the images will begin transferring, or you can transfer them one-at-a-time with the START button next to each name.

After uploading is finished, Close the window.

'List' images will display in a single vertical column. 'Grid' images will display in horizontal rows.

Click on an image an you can add detail or make modifications:

  • title is optional
  • you can change the image or crop it
  • caption is optional
  • link is optional - it can go to a internal or external web URL, or to an email address (ideal for creating a staff page)
  • check the box if you want the link to open in a new window
  • Save

Image Grid will adjust to the available column width. In this example, it's in a 2-column section which is left justified. Watch the video below for more ideas of how to use and control this module.