Use this module to include rows of sponsor logos. They can link to any URL, and display captions beneath them.

Click on the Sponsors Module

Heading/title is optional. Click 'Add Sponsor'.


You can include an existing sponsor or add a new sponsor to your site.

If you selected an existing sponsor, the window will display the sponsor settings. If needed, you can modify and Save, Save & Add Another, or close the window.

If you selected Add New Sponsor, but meant to choose one from the dropdown, click Select Existing Sponsor.

Add the Sponsor Name.

Check the box if you want this sponsor to display in your homepage ticker (this does not apply to all sites)

Add the Sponsor URL (optional)

Add the Sponsor Type (optional)

Upload an image to represent the sponsor (usually a logo)

Save - or Save & Add another - and close the window

You also can choose the module alignment within the column, and whether or not the images/logos are 'auto formatted.'