The Text/Gallery module allows you to add text and/or images/videos onto a Page.

Spark location: Site Map > Add New Page OR Edit Page

Spark location: Events > Add Event Page OR Edit Event

Spark location: Businesses > Add Business Page OR Edit Business

Click on Text/Gallery module to start adding text and begin adding in your text (if applicable). Detailed information on the text editor tools are in the lesson "Using the WYSIWYG".

Click on the "Add Image" or "Add Video" buttons to start adding in your media to the module.

Once your images/videos have been uploaded to the module, you can Right justify, Left justify, or Center your images/video on the page in relation to the text. 

To edit/crop the images, select the image or the power dots on the right if the image and select edit.

Select crop image and use the crop tool to select the area of the image you'd like to use.

There are also More Options available in the lower right hand side of the module to choose where you would like to have your images be Auto Formatted to the fit the space.