This special page displays custom video galleries (from events, venues, local attractions, etc.).

View an example video gallery

Spark location: Pages > [this could be in any section or sub-section] > Video Gallery

Add New Category to create video groups, such as 'Carrie Underwood concert', 'Tractor Pull', 'Wine & Cheese Festival', etc.

  • Add Category name
  • Save & Close

  • Click the + to the left an any pencil icon to open a category. When open, the + changes to a -
  • Click Add New Video

You can hover over an image to Edit or Deactivate

When you have more than one video, you can arrange them in any order.

  • Click & hold the up/down icon to the left of the pencil
  • drag the image into the position you choose
  • release the mouse button

You can arrange the categories in any order, as well, using the same method.

How to get a YouTube ID

If you view the video you want to embed, click the SHARE button to get the official URL of that video. The ID will be a random letter + number combination after "" or in the middle of "" The ID for this video is UQ3-MmAP7UY