Locations associates your events and/or businesses with a venue name or physical address.

Spark location: Site Map > [this could be in any section] > Locations


  • Hover over the pencil icon or name to Edit, View, or Deactivate/Activate a location
  • You can quickly access the events or businesses associated with a location by clicking '# Events >' or '# Businesses >'  
  • to create another location, click Add New Location 


When adding a location, you first need to choose whether to display a venue name - like Saffire Center - or an actual address.

  • If you choose Name, the only required field is the name.
  • If you choose Address, the street address, city, state and zip are required.

Other fields you can include:

  • an external URL
  • you'll need to include the exact address if you want to display the location on a map
  • a description
  • a friendly URL for the location page