Your Products Dashboard will allow you to quickly manage, organize and view all of the Products you have created.

Spark location: Settings > SaffireCommerce > Products


  1. Click the Add Product button when you're ready to create a new product
  2. The More menu is enabled on SaffireTix website to allow you to print off a SUCCESSFUL or DENIED "print-at-home" ticket
  3. If you check a box or multiple boxes for your products, you can select the Actions dropdown to Move the selected products to a different Product Category or Deactivate them all at once
  4. The Active dropdown allows you to toggle between Active and Inactive (deactivated) products
  5. Click on the Filters dropdown to see your products by Category or Product Type


You can use the columns of this dashboard to help you sort your products as well. From here, your options are:
  1. Hover over the Product Name to Edit, Copy, Deactivate
  2. Hover over the More link on the far right to see the SaffireTix redemption rules and specifics of this product