SaffireCommerce Settings are the nuts and bolts that will apply to all products you create and your customer shopping cart. If you do not have SaffireCommerce enabled, you will not have access to this section. Contact your coach if you're interested in selling online!

Spark Location: Settings > SaffireCommerce(TM) > Commerce Settings


  1. Establish your Sales Tax - this tax will apply to all items added to the shopping cart. If you do not have a Sales Tax, enter 0 in this field.
  2. Customer Fees can be applied or not applied to specific products as you build them. This area allows you to create the labels and quick settings for these fees. Click Add Customer Fee > to create new. Hover over a current fee and click Edit to make changes, Copy to create a fee similar to it or Deactivate to move it to Inactive.
    1. Give the fee a Name. Good examples are "Merchandise Fee," "Convenience Fee," or "Processing Fee."
    2. Add a Description for this fee. We require descriptions so that when your customer sees this fee in their shopping cart, you can give them a brief explanation for why they're receiving this fee.
    3. If you need to apply your sales tax to this fee, check the box 
    4. SAVE
  3. Shipping Methods allow you to create multiple delivery methods for various price ranges


  1. By Default, Non-SaffireTix should be selected as only a few scenarios would require a shipping method for SaffireTix
  2. Name your Shipping Method "Ground," "5-7 Business Days," "Overnight," etc.
  3. Description is also required. This is a good place to explain your delivery and shipping options. For instance, "orders will be processed and shipped within 3 business days. Ground shipping usually delivers within 5 business days of the shipment date."
  4. Click SAVE to being adding Shipping Ranges and Pricing


  5. Begin by adding a "LOW PRICE" - 0.00 ($0) is what you should begin with

  6. Add the "HIGH PRICE" and add the "SHIPPING PRICE" for that price range. Essentially, you can create multiple price ranges and determine the cost of the shipping fee for each range.

  7. Click SAVE