This panel controls the Social Media icons (and links) which appear throughout your site.

Spark location: Tools > Site Settings > Social Media


The most popular social sites are already loaded - they just need the URLs added to your specific social pages.

  • hover over the pencil to Edit an existing icon/link
  • or click Add Social Network to create a new icon/link


  • add the name of the social site
  • add the URL of your corresponding social page
  • upload an image - it should be 40x40 pixels to match the other icons on your site
  • Show network icon in social media feature - if checked, this icon will be displayed in the Social Media feature that appears on every page of the website. If not, the links will only appear in your site navigation.
  • Open in New Window - We recommend you check this box if the link is to a website other than your Saffire site. If left unchecked, users will be navigated away from your site.

Be sure to Save before leaving this page.