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Pinned Pages - Open the orange tab and click a push pin to add any page to this fast-access list.


Saffire Support - Open the blue tab and you'll find multiple options when you need help with your site:


1 - Search the Knowledge Base - this is an ever-growing encyclopedia of answers and step-by-step instructions for Spark users. Available 24/7.

2 - Check the Forums - Saffire users are encouraged to submit tips, tricks, solutions and feature requests. We know the best ideas come from Spark users, so we keep close tabs on the forums. Plus, it's a great way for the entire Saffire team to keep in touch with you! Available 24/7.

3 - Submit a Support Request - Some questions, issues - and certainly site emergencies - require direct attention from the support team. Choose this option to open the request form show below: 


Your email address will be automatically added to the form, based on your Spark login.

When you add the subject line, the form will suggest Knowledge Base articles based on your text.

Include as much detail as possible in the description: for example, the specific page/event/business you're having trouble with; where this page is in your site navigation; documents and/or screenshots which might be helpful; etc. 

You'll also need to choose the Type of request:
• question = how to... where do I...
• issue = need to... why isn't...
• emergency = site is down... email not working...

Our goal is to respond to all requests within 30 minutes during normal business hours, and emergency requests within 30 minutes after hours.


Need help? Let's Chat! - You'll see this in the bottom left corner of Spark during most business hours. Click to open a live chat window with the Saffire Support Team.