How to create a product which is for sale through SaffireCommerce™.

Spark location: Sales> Products > Add Product (or edit a product) 

Spark location: Events > Add a New Event (or edit an event) > Items > Add Item > Add Product


  • select the category, or add a category
  • add product name
  • add a description (optional)


  • add the price - either a set $ amount, or a price range
  • add customer fee (optional) Note: this fee will be applied to the entire order
  • click Show advanced options


  • choose either unlimited inventory or set an inventory limit
  • choose whether the Buy Now Button is On (recommended) or off, and if you want to schedule it 
  • customize the button text (optional)
  • add custom text to the receipt (optional)
  • add the email(s) to receive orders. Note: Account Settings has a default address that will receive copies of all order emails. This field will send product specific order confirmation emails to the addresses you add here.
  • check the box if this product can accept discounts


  • add a registration or entry form (optional)
  • add an image to represent this product (optional)
  • Save ... or Cancel