The first step in adding an item For Sale is connecting it to an existing product, or creating a new product.

Spark location: Events > Add Event Page (or edit an event) > Items Add Item > For Sale


To add an existing product:

  • Search for a product name
  • Or, use the dropdown to Select Category and then Select Product.
  • Add a date (optional)
  • Save

If you need to create a product, choose Add a New Product, which opens this window:


Select the type of product you want sell. NOTE: Once you've have saved a product's sales information, you can't change the Product Type. At that point, if you wish to use a different type, you'll need to delete the product and start over.


Click the following links for step-by-step instructions on creating these types of products.

SaffireCommerce™ is used for anything not requiring a ticket, such as merchandise, registrations, reservations and more. Not all sites have this feature activated.

SaffireTix™ is for print-at-home online tickets, advance (pre-printed) tickets and gate ticket sales through the SaffireTix™ app. Not all sites have this feature, or certain components of this feature, activated. 

External products link to your third party ticketing provider to complete the purchase.