The key to smoothly transitioning from advance sales to general pricing, is to schedule your products first, and then ensure they're added to the pages you need them on. 

To go through the complete ticket setup process, click here

Choose to Edit your advance product, then:
  1. In the blue box, click Show Advanced Options
  2. Under Buy Now Button select Schedule it
  3. Add the End Date, and, if required, add the Time 

  4. Continue the product setup and click SAVE & CLOSE
  5. Go through the same steps for the General priced item, but this time select the Start Date that is the same as the End Date for the advance product

  6. Consider adding an End Date so that when online sales end (probably the last day of your event) you don't have to retrace your steps. 
  7. Be sure these products are named differently.

  8. Now go and add these products to the ITEMS modules on pages, events and forms through your site.

  9. Consider NOT adding the regular priced item to the page until closer to the advance end date.

What you'll see is that the BUY NOW buttons are only available for the products during their specific time period.
Be aware that these products might also show up on your Tickets & Deals page as you add them to pages throughout your site.