This is Part 1 of master control for your dated events. You can add & edit events, filter & sort the list of events, and manage multiple events all at once.

Click here for Events dashboard - part 2: event list

Spark location: Events

Create new events with 
Add Event Page and Add Quick Event.


Actions provides functionality which can be applied to individual events or multiple events simultaneously, depending on which events are check-marked 

    • Make listed & Make unlisted determine whether events are visible in the site navigation
    • Make "our pick" & Remove "our pick" determine whether events are featured with a 'star' icon on the event calendar
    • Move To... allows you to change the event category
    • Add To... allows you to include an event in additional categories
    • Deactivate turns off access to an event page

determines the site mode(s) shown in the event list 

    • Active will show only events which are currently active
    • Inactive will show only events which are currently inactive
    • All will show all of your events regardless of their site mode

Filters can be applied individually or combined to focus the event list

    • Year narrows the list to a single event year
    • Category narrows the list to a single event category
    • Listed narrows the list to strictly listed events
    • Unlisted narrows the list to strictly unlisted events


More provides additional event settings: 

    • Edit Schedule Views allows you to select which types of views are available on your event calendar. 
      If you're not familiar with the views, go to the event calendar on your website and click each of the icons displayed below the EVENTS title to see the display differences. Most sites leave all the Available Views checked. But only one of them can be the default view which is loaded when you first arrive at the calendar!

    • Edit Text/Gallery Heading allows you to post a text intro with a photo gallery or video above your event calendar.
    • Add/Edit Custom Field gives you the option of adding custom data fields to all of your event listings. For example, you could add 'Parking Fee' if this is something charged at your events, yet often changes in cost. It just creates a field to be completed, and if left empty it does not appear.
    • Edit Default Module Headings allows you to customize the module titles which appear on your event pages when data is entered into the tabs at the bottom of an EDIT EVENT page. 

Search allows you to quickly find events by keyword. Event names will appear below the search box as you type, and you can arrow-down or hover-over and click when you see what you're looking for. The search is not really seeking words - it's matching character strings. So, your search results might pull up events which seem out of place, yet the characters are matching a word or partial word in the event text.

View Page will open a new browser tab to display your website event calendar

Export / Export by Date allow you to download your event data for use in a spreadsheet
Import allows you to import event data from a spreadsheet