How to create a gate ticket for SaffireTix™. This feature is not activated on all sites.

Spark location: Sales > Products > Add Product (or edit a product) 

Spark location: Events > Add a New Page (or edit an event) > Items > Add Item > Add Product

Get step-by-step details for other types of For Sale products: 


SaffireTix™: Advance Tickets

SaffireTix™: Online Tickets



  • Choose the ticket type: Gate. 
  • select the category, or add a category
  • add product name
  • add price


  • add Sellable Dates/times
  • select Non-Scanned or Scanned
    • Use non-scanned products if the ticket sale will immediately be accounted for at the time of the purchase
    • Scanned gate products will not be accounted for in redemption reporting until the ticket has been scanned.

If you choose Non-scanned:

  • Save ...or cancel

If you choose scanned, the screen will expand to this:


For scanned gate tickets:

  • select scannable Dates & Times
  • click Add Dates (optional)
  • choose Redemption Limit Rule(s)
  • select location
  • select scan limit:
    • single = ticket can be scanned just once
    • unlimited = ticket can be scanned over and over again (not recommended)
    • daily = sets the number of scans per day
    • total = sets the total number of scans throughout the event
  • click Add Rule (optional)
  • click Show advanced options

  • add Sellable Locations - These are the locations this product can be sold at when a certain location is chosen.
  • add Ticket Note - This information will show on all printed tickets for this product. You can use this note to explain any additional rules or directions the customer may need.
  • add QR Code Prefix - Up to 5 characters, which will be the first in all QR Codes for this product.
  • add QR Code Initial Number - Up to 9 digits, which will increase by one for each subsequent code.
  • check box to allow check-in/check-out (optional)
  • add customer fee (optional) Note: this fee will be applied to the entire order
  • check the box if this product has sales tax
  • Save... or cancel