Saffire 4.7: updates for SaffireTix™!

Well, you asked for it and with 4.7, you've got it!

In this update to Saffire, we've combined the management of all General Admission tickets (any ticket or product that needs to be scanned that doesn't have a reserved/assigned seat). Now you can generate that SAME ticket in a number of ways with various prices which pull from a single inventory: sell it online, sell it at the box office, sell it at your gates, and print a batch in advance! Talk about INVENTORY MANAGEMENT! 

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Our reserved seating features have expanded with this release as well, giving you even more ticketing control and customization! 

First things first, we'll walk you through each tab of the new product builder for both General Admission tickets and Reserved tickets.

GENERAL ADMISSION: Review each of the tabs to set up your tickets!

RESERVED SEATING: Review each of the tabs to set up your tickets!

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