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Final details for your SaffireTix event!

Whether you're selling tickets online, at your gates, in your box office, (wherever) you need to put the final details into Saffire so that your event goes off without a hitch. 

Key pieces that our clients leave until the last minute are so simple, so we hope these two articles help you get ahead of the curve:

Take total control of the set up of your event by creating your Users and Gate Products.

Users need to be created so that the people working your gates, ticket booths, etc. are able to easily log in to the SaffireTix App and get to work during your event!

Read here how to set these users up >

Gate products are usually held off until the final week as well, and if you're only doing general admission sales at the gate, it makes sense if you haven't built these yet. It's necessary that you get these built and reviewed soon!
Read here how to set up your gate products > 

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