Saffire Version 4.5 is LIVE!

Even though so many of us are just getting to know all the awesome interface updates in the 4.4 software release, 4.5 is here! This one is a little bit different with some major behind-the-scenes foundational work and some new features sure to help you build and style your website and ticketing!

Schedule modules or sections on your pages! Now you can set start & stop dates to determine when any page content is visible or hidden.  
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Style text to be buttons using the WYSIWYG (text editor). Put a button on any page anywhere, and get more clicks! All you have to do, is hyperlink the text using the standard hyperlink tool, then come back and select the formatting for Button and you're good to go!

Click here to learn how > 

Require an "I am not a robot" security field on your online forms. Look ma, no SPAM! We've added this to all of your forms by default so you don't have to go back and add this to every one of your forms! Click here to learn how >

Finally, Convert a reserved seat to a sale from the HOLDS tool! This has some pretty awesome implications for everyone who sells reserved seating tickets, just ask your coach what this is all about or email!

All the behind-the-scenes updates we planned in this release make it even easier for Saffire to partner with your third party vendors like Aloompa, Avai and Visit Widget. With many of these companies, we provide a "feed" of your website so you can take your content to multiple platforms. We also gave our box office and shopping cart check out process a little love. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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