Chrome SSL: what's it mean?

We want to let you know that Google recently announced its Chrome browser will begin showing an unobtrusive warning message for any webpage that has form fields that aren't secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

In short, SSL is a certificate added to websites or specific pages of a website that give it the "s" in "". You may notice this feature when you use websites like your bank or making a purchase online. In the past, this certificate was not necessary on every page of your website if the page wasn't collecting secure information.

While this new warning won’t impede anyone’s use of your website, it’s a start to gradual increases in browser security that Google and others have said they will implement in the next year to begin pushing more websites to use SSL.

Rest assured! The team at Saffire is already addressing this for you. Keep your eyes peeled for info from us about adding SSL to your website if you don’t already have it. 

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Right away we received this question: "with SSL enabled on a site, can it accept Social Security numbers or other personal data?"

Short answer: no.

Detailed answer: SSL on the site only encrypts the browser's connection to the server.  There’s more involved to storing personally sensitive data.  To support Social Security numbers, for example, the data would need to be encrypted in the database and restricted where it could be shown via emails and on the site. Check with your Saffire coach for more information.

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