New Features on the SaffireTix App

Throughout the summer we've been chipping away at some of the most requested features when it comes to ticketing. We've launched updates to the SaffireTix app to put these features in your hands immediately. What did we add? Let's find out! 

Pick and choose the products you sell at each of your locations

Do you have specific ticket types that can only be sold at particular gates? Maybe you want to set up a merchandise booth this year and process transactions using the SaffireTix app. ALL POSSIBLE NOW! Previously, all "gate" type products could be seen on the sales screen of the app, but now you can custom select what products (tickets, merch, beer!) show up at which of your scanning and selling locations! 


Collect demographic information from your customers at the gate

When it comes time to market to your customers, wouldn't it be helpful to have their email address or phone number for next year? Or maybe your sponsors just LOVE a juicy demographic report that includes your customers' zip code, gender, favorite music type, shoe size, etc. Well now you can quickly snag a little data when selling tickets at the gate with a custom field on "gate" type products! Fun right (we promise, it sounds nerdier than it actually is)! 

Users scanning and selling at your gates can login with their own unique PIN (no more email address and password required!)

Now this is freaky fast! People working your gates don't need to know a password or an email address, psshhhhttt let's just give them a PIN! All users can have their own login with a 4-6 digit code to jump right into the app and start scanning. Life. Made. Easy.  

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