Lost your tickets? Not a problem!

Do you ever get emails or phone calls from customers who can’t find the receipt from their online purchase, or have lost their tickets? Of course, you do.


This problem is so common that we created an easy way for customers to locate orders on your website. Go to yourwebsitename.com/findmyorder and you’ll see how quickly an order can be found just by entering the email address and the last four digits of the credit card used to make the purchase. (if your site is a .org or .net, change the address appropriately)


Great addition – but it works only if your customers can find the page! We recommend promoting this tool on your homepage – especially the week prior to your event. Madera Fair used a banner position to highlight the tool, but if you don’t have a banner spot, consider using one of your homepage feature positions.





They also added a link to the ‘find my tickets’ tool on their main Tickets page:





Even if your customers fail to find these links, you’ll have a location you can easily point your customers to when you get those inevitable emails and phone calls. 

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I've seen SaffireTix clients make automated responses to social media messages that INCLUDE the /findmyorder link...GENIUS!! If you know some of the most common questions your customers are going to direct message you, be sure to make it easy on yourself!

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