Spark Nation - Mar. 2, 2017


We're hosting two webinars at the launch of Saffire 4.0. We want you to be successful with this major update, so pick a time to sit back and see the magic in action!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 12:00PM CDT
Thursday, March 16, 2017, 3:00PM CDT

Webinar dates and times are subject to change pending the launch of Saffire 4.0. Please register for one and we'll let you know if things change. See you on the launch pad! 

USING PAGE TEMPLATES IN SPARK When you are working on your website, we want you to be fast, creative and efficient! With Saffire's latest release, you can now use a template to get your page layout started! This will give you the layout freedom you want, while helping you standardize your page layouts so your customers can easily find what they need. 


  • Create unlimited custom templates! Assign unique default templates for your pages, events or businesses to make creating quick and easy! 
  • Save layouts you use often - templates will help you create consistency. 
  • Event and business pages have some required modules. Never fear! You can rearrange them, and add more to the page to create your own custom layouts! 
  • Templates will be your starting point for creating new pages, but don't worry, we won't be changing the layout of any of the existing pages you've worked so hard on. 

TICKETING BONUS: Page templates can even help you drive more advance ticket sales and event attendance! Go ahead, move those BUY NOW buttons to the top of the page! Customize your templates with items modules on every page. Same location, same easy click for your customers! Ka-ching! 


We're sending out weekly updates detailing the launch of 4.0. You can always check back here to see a previous announcement:

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