Spark Nation - Feb. 23, 2016

UPDATES TO YOUR CUSTOMER SITE! While Saffire 4.0 is predominantly an update to how you manage your website within Spark, we've also given some love to your customer site! As technology continues to change and users are more frequently visiting your website from their cell phones and tablets, we've found awesome new ways to update your event schedules, business listing and gallery modules! 


  • Text/Gallery images get a whole new look! We're streamlining this module to provide a sexier image stack, click or tap images and videos to see a new and improved gallery your customers can still share and will love interacting with!
  • ALL event schedule and business listing views on mobile. YES! Even the calendar and map views will be available on a mobile device! Set your default schedule view to look sharp on ALL devices. 
  • Hero images for any page! If you've always wanted a nice big image to stretch across the top of your entire event, business or dynamic page, now's your chance! You can center a single image, remove auto-formatting and move your page title below the image. 

We are thrilled for what 4.0's flexibility means for promoting your event and business pages with more imagery and layout flexibility than ever before.

Updated schedule and listing views means more effective promotion of your events and businesses on your top visited pages. Driving attendance and ticket sales is getting easier and sexier in 4.0 and we couldn't be more excited for you! 


We're hosting two webinars at the launch of Saffire 4.0. We want you to be successful with this major update, so pick a time to sit back and see the magic in action!

Webinar dates and times are subject to change pending the launch of Saffire 4.0. Please register for one and we'll let you know if things change. See you on the launch pad! 


We're sending out weekly updates detailing the launch of 4.0. You can always check back here to see a previous announcement:

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