Spark Nation - Feb. 16, 2017

EDITING & PREVIEWING PAGES IN SPARK In just about a month we'll be launching Saffire 4.0 - our most powerful software release to date! Here's just a peek at what your new, improved Spark platform will include. You'll see enhanced speed and performance time overall. An all-new highly efficient page, event and business creation interface will help you build and update your site, keeping it looking fresh. Reviewing and previewing pages as you go, is now super streamlined so your creative juices are never stalled or interrupted. See more details below! 

WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO: Quickly add unlimited modules - add them wherever you want on the page without having to close other modules, in multiple sections or column arrays Click-to-edit without waiting for the module content to load or open - start editing immediately! Device previews will show you what your page will look like on desktop computers, tablets and phones, as you go BUY NOW buttons anywhere you choose so you can take simple, integrated ticketing to a whole new level - don't leave your items for sale lonely at the bottom of your pages! 


We're hosting two webinars at the launch of Saffire 4.0. We want you to be successful with this major update, so pick a time to sit back and see the magic in action!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 12:00PM CDT

ThursdayMarch 16, 2017, 3:00PM CDT

Webinar dates and times are subject to change pending the launch of Saffire 4.0. Please register for one and we'll let you know if things change. See you on the launch pad! 


We're sending out weekly updates detailing the launch of 4.0. You can always check back here to see a previous announcement:

First Announcement - Feb. 1, 2017 Second Announcement - Feb. 9, 2017 

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