Spark Nation - Feb. 9, 2017

FREEDOM OF PAGE LAYOUT You’ve always wanted more freedom to be able to design pages that look exactly the way you want. Well, the wait is almost over! We are excited to introduce page sections, columns and custom templates. No matter what type of page you’re creating, you’ll have total control over the structure. Get ready to crank up the volume on your pages and especially your integrated, online ticketing! 


  • Page sections will stack and stretch across your pages horizontally. You’ll be able to stack as many sections as you like with unlimited modules to help divide your content better
  • Choose 1, 2 or 3 column layouts per section (our 2 column solution will have 3 different layouts!)
  • Responsive modules automatically adjust to the width of the column they’re in to ensure you're good to go on all devices
  • Custom page templates will allow you to create consistent pages throughout your site and help you be more efficient
  • And the best part? All your updated pages and new functionality in Spark will be 100% responsive! 

STATUS UPDATE: We are full-steam ahead on this project and looking at a mid-March release of Saffire 4.0! Things are going to start looking a LOT different and we couldn't be more excited. If you have any questions about the concept of page sections or templates, let us know! 

FEEL LIKE YOU MISSED SOMETHING? We'll be sending out weekly updates regarding 4.0, check back here to see a previous email: First announcement - Feb. 1, 2017 

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