Spark Nation - Feb. 1, 2017



You've been hearing about this update for some time now and we are so excited to get you the details about what's just around the corner. You’ll be seeing weekly snippets over the next few weeks with glimpses of what Saffire’s 4.0 release means for you and all the exciting opportunities it holds for your website!

  • Here's just a sneak peek of what we'll be announcing:
  • Freedom of page layout, no matter what kind of page you create
  • Page previews for mobile, tablet and desktop built right into Spark
  • Fully integrated mobile event schedule and business listing layouts
  • More ways to promote your integrated ticketing
  • Valuable training in advance to prepare you 

TODAY'S UPDATE: What's changing with 4.0? A LOT!

The most exciting piece of this software update is the simplification and customization of ALL page types! You'll see a consistent user interface used on dynamic pages, event pages and business pages. You’ll now be able to add ALL modules to all pages and choose exactly where those modules appear on your page! (We know, finally, right?!)

Now you can really step up your events and businesses by adding your choice of modules and choose exactly where they lay out on every single page! Go ahead, fill all that empty space!

An added bonus of 4.0 is that it will give you more ways to promote your online ticketing sales! Whether you use our integrated solution, SaffireTix, or another provider, putting BUY NOW buttons in front of your customers will be even easier and more effective. 

Fill your event and business pages with custom module placement! See another example in our Sandbox site.

Hold on. Will this 4.0 release mess up your whole website?!

NO! Big changes don’t mean a ton of work for you! We’ll be maintaining the current structure of every single one of your pages. You won’t have to change a thing, unless you want to get in there and start customizing!

If you have any questions, we're happy to answer them. Contact your coach or give us a call at 512-430-1123 ext. 2. 

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