Ongoing Events: show once vs show repeated

When you have an ongoing event which spans a date range such as Feb. 7-21, you have two options for how the event is displayed in your calendar. By default, newly created events are set to 'Show Repeated', so an instance of the event will appear for every date in the range. But you can switch it to 'Show Once' so that it only appears on the current date, and continues appearing daily through the end of the range.

To change the setting - which is done per event - choose the Quick Edit option when you hover over an event name on the Events dashboard:

Then click on More Options to access the Ongoing Event settings. To show the full date range when using the Show Once option, use the 'homepage & expanded view description' box to add a brief summary of the event. We recommend using this description box for every event, regardless of whether it's an ongoing event or not. 

For events with attached event pages (non-quick events), you can also access these options when editing the page by selecting Settings in the Tools panels at far right:

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