6.0 Release Notes


Page/Event/Business Editor Updates

  • New! Quick actions: allow you to move an entire section to the top or bottom of the page
  • New! Quick actions: allow you to move a select module to the top or bottom of the page and top of the section or bottom of the section

Site Map

  • Added links to Homepage Features, Header and Footer, Admin Pages and Tickets and Deals

Product Editor

  • Performance enhancements
    • Future updates will continue to include performance enhancements

Cash Deposits

  • Removed restriction blocking $0 cash deposits


  • Sponsors link now included under Tools Menu

Purchase Report – Partial Refund Workflow

  • Step 2 of Partial Refund, updated button text when processing a credit card refund to be more clear. 
  • If the admin chooses to “cancel WITHOUT refund” a notification will appear confirming that no money is being returned to the customer. Admin must acknowledge to proceed.
  • Notification added if the admin tries to leave Step 2 without indicating which action they want to take
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