5.9.8 Release Notes


  • General
    • All action hovers have been updated to be vertical and have a different color scheme
    • Optimized a few internal API calls
  • Audit Report Revamp
    • Separates out the Sold and Unsold inventory
    • Provides a gross potential price calculation for unsold inventory
      • The max price of a price type will be used for this calculation by default.  The admin can change which price type drives this calculation within the product editor by going into a price type’s advanced options.
  • Audit Report Share
    • Added a PDF version of the audit report that is now provide as part of the share
  • Saffire U
    • Fixed broken images in sent emails as users complete each week
  • Manage Products
    • Fixed issue where in rare cases the same product would be shown in the result set after performing a keyword search
  • Product Editor – Batches
    • Fixed bug when creating a batch by range, the product editor screen could be reset
    • Fixed a couple other smaller bugs
  • Failed Scan Report
    • Added the scanner as a filter and as a callout on the report

Customer Site

  • Seat Maps
    • Fixed issue where GA sections in a seat map with no inventory were selectable (even though the user couldn’t add any units to their cart)
    • Fixed issue where in a specific scenario performing a best available when no inventory was available that the page would get stuck
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