Partial Refunds

In most instances, you can issue a Partial Refund of a transaction from the hover menu on any order number in the Purchases Report. If this option doesn't appear, please contact Saffire Support. Your site may not  support this functionality due to the payment gateway in use.

Click 'Partial Refunds' and a new window will open. 

You'll see all products and fees associated with the order. Check the box next to whatever you would like to refund and click CREATE REFUND ORDER. The next page will ask you to confirm. Click yes and you are finished!

Partial Refunds are limited to these payment gateways:

  • PayPal Payflow Pro 

There are a few details to be aware of with Partial Refunds:

  • they cannot be processed the same day that the original transaction occurs
  • they are not available on package products
  • they are not available on season ticket products
  • they can only refund full products and/or fees - they cannot take a percentage or specific dollar amount off a product or an order
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