Sales Report - 5.7 Updates

Sales Report
Welcome to the New and Improved SaffireTix™ Sales Report
Spark location: COMMERCE > REPORTS > SALES

If you're familiar with the Sales Report, you'll notice things look a bit different. Don't worry, you are still able to find ALL of the past data with a ton of new and exciting features! The first thing you'll notice is that the graph is now not showing by default, however you can click the graph icon on the top right to show it. 

The biggest update to this page comes with our all new Filters gutter on the left of the screen. This will allow you to now filter your reports by so many new configurations.
Do you want to only see your Main Gate users?
Do you want to filter by only Card and Invoice transactions?
Do you just want to see sales from a particular Product Category at a specific gate?
Now you can!! 

On the top of the page, you will also see a dropdown where you can choose which report is right for you. Here is an brief description of each report and what they are ideal for:


  • By Overview - This is a great view to see how much revenue you've received at a glance. You'll get a breakout for each type of revenue received (Delivery, Fees, Products, Commerce)
  • By Location - This is the report to reference when looking at which physical locations are bringing in revenue. If you have multiple gates, this is a great reference for staffing purposes.
  • By Date - This report will just breakdown how much revenue has been brought in on each day that has data for your given Date (range) in the Filters.
  • By User - Great for reviewing SaffireTix™ Users/Sellers totals. (this was previously the best way to balance a seller)
  • By Payment Type - In our 5.7 update, we've introduced custom Payment Types that you can manage, and now we've expanded this report to show all of the custom Payment Types you create.
  • By Fee - Great insight on all of the fees you've collected.


  • By Product - This is the report you're most likely familiar with, this report will breakdown how much of each product you've sold/credited
  • By Product Fee & Tax - This is the most *comprehensive report to balance with your Bank. This report will show you a ton of information, breaking down all of the fees collected on each Product. 
    *This report could get very long due to reporting on all of the different Fees that may be applied to products. When printing this report, be sure to change your 'Scale' to custom and verify the entire report is showing on the paper.


  • By User Reconciliation - This view is relatively unchanged. If enabled, this report will be where you can review all Over/Shorts for your SaffireTix™ Users. If you don't have this enabled and wish to know more about it, ask your Coach or Ticketing Team Member. We'll be happy to enable it and show you how to track overages and shortages.

After you've chosen all of your desired filters to show (or hide) then you click the APPLY button. The report will update with your Active filters displayed on the top. This will also appear on the printed report.  When you print the report using the button on the top right, it will not print the Filters gutter. You can choose to show or hide Active Filters and the Graph, followed by all the data on the report. We've also updated the printed report to display which user generated the report and when it was created on the top right of the printout.

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