General Admission Packages

Packages allow you to combine GA products into groups. This could be utilized to sell tickets at a group rate, or to sell multiple products together.

To create a Package go to COMMERCE > PRODUCTS > Add Product

On the product level set the type to PACKAGE

On the SALES tab check the boxes if the package is available ONLINE and/or at the BOX OFFICE.

Then select SEARCH/ADD PRODUCTS - from here you can search by Category or Name. Check the box of all products that will be part of the Package.

Next you will need to select the price types available for those products.

Once price types are selected for each product you can set the quantity of each kind of ticket in the Package by clicking in to the price type. 

Select the channels it will be available in and then set the quantity in the package. It will alert you to the current cost of the product and allow you to match or adjust it for the package deal as well as add a fee to the product.

Once you have completed this step for all Price Types a total (including fees) will accumulate at the bottom (this is great if you have a package deal and need to hit a certain cost amount!)

The last step is to add selling dates.

When a package is added to the Tickets & Deals page it will appear like this:

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