Saffire 4.6.5

May 24, 2018


Larger, more interactive Google Maps integration: This map now includes "Directions to and from" links to make it easy for your customer to get to the location you've highlighted

Pinterest added to the Social Share Module: your customers can PIN the images and pages of your site to their Pinterest boards using the updated social share module and sharing widget within the image gallery viewer! 

GDPR compliance:       - "Accept Cookies" banner activated on all websites
       - email/text sign ups tell your customer what they're signing up for in more detail

See the full article on GDPR here > 


Cancel a reserved ticket order straight to HOLD: Pretty simple concept here, instead of cancelling a transaction and those tickets/seats are immediately released to the public, you can now release them to hold in case you need to save them for someone special or re-sell them to the customer.

View ALL cash transactions processed by SaffireTix:In the past this would have OVERWHELMED your Purchases Report, but now we've got the correct filters in place to allow you to easily manage purchases of ANY kind, cash, credit, invoice, whether sold online, at the box office or through Spark! 

Export your reserved seat manifest:This snazzy new tool will show you how your seats were sold (through what channel), who they below to and the order they were placed with! 

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